Diversity Recruiting

Cultivating diversity within companies is crucial, and recruiting leaders play a key role in this work. While a focus on inclusion and equity for existing employees can never be ignored, diversity recruiting also is a necessary—and complex—piece of the solution. In this course, you’ll learn how the most effective companies approach diversity recruiting and how to build out your own strategy.

Through interactive sessions with a group of peers, you’ll learn everything from how to drive alignment upfront with key stakeholders, all the way through choosing the right tactics for your diversity hiring goals, and executing on them. At every step, we’ll share practical approaches that can be immediately applied.

This virtual and interactive course, designed for current and emerging Talent Leaders, is taught by seasoned recruiting leaders with extensive in-house experience at high-growth, iconic companies.

The content in our academy courses is intended for in-house recruiting teams. If this is not you but you are still interested, please contact us before registering.

 Course Overview

Designed over 2 weeks to maximize your ability to successfully implement diversity recruiting strategies into your team
Week 1
  • Tuesday, August 13
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Developing an informed strategy:
    Setting the foundation for your diversity recruiting strategy, driving alignment among key stakeholders, and defining your focus areas
  • Thursday, August 15
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Setting the right hiring goals:
    Why diversity hiring goals matter and how to set the right goals to motivate your team
 Course materials will be provided prior to our first session
Week 2
  • Tuesday, August 20
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Choosing your tactics:

    A Fireside chat with a Diversity Recruiting Leader and how to select and operationalize the right tactics for your company
  • Thursday, August 22
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Moving into action:
    How to handle roadblocks, influence stakeholders, manage change, and measure progress
Setting the Foundation
  • How and why to build alignment upfront
  • Creating the foundation of your diversity recruiting strategy, including demographic goals
  • How to prioritize among competing, and important, potential focus areas
Tactics and Goals
  • Driving partnership with the business through shared goals
  • Setting team goals that translate into progress
  • Choosing the best tactics for your company and its goals
Intention to Action
  • Influencing stakeholders to create strategic alliances
  • Handling roadblocks and common misconceptions about diversity recruiting
  • Best practices for measuring progress along the way

Structured sessions to get the most out of each topic

  • Small Group Interactive Working Sessions
  • Resource Guide And Tactics You Can Immediately Implement
  • Presentation and Scenario Walk-throughs

What people are saying about the Diversity Recruiting Course

“Insightful, while delivering executable strategies. The community you gain through the experience is extremely valuable. Highly recommend investing in the training as you consider expanding DEI efforts.”
Geisell Jayne
Recruiting Leader
“This course gives you a great foundation of which to build a diversity recruiting strategy upon!  The great team at GBD provides awesome templates, a ton of resources, and concrete methodologies that you can implement immediately to strengthen your ability to support your stakeholders in building a more equitable recruiting process and increasing representation in your hiring!”
Will Barnett
Technical Recruiting Leader
“The Diversity Recruiting Course is a great teaching tool for those that are working in DEI recruiting. It is a great reminder to what you already know and execute well on, or what you can learn more about and work on for the future. Recruiters are often looked at low skill but it's clear through this course that we have superpowers at our disposal to identify problems, influence stakeholders, and attract the best talent.”
Norman Chen
Talent Acquisition Leader
“If you unsure where to start, this is a great place to begin structuring the conversations around tactical diversity and inclusion initiatives at your company.”
Sierra Kaslow
Director Business Recruiting
“It was so great to not only receive useful tools and tips from leaders in the industry during sessions, but also to expand my network with other people who care deeply about D&I to keep discussions and idea sharing going”
Alisha Ehrlich
Apollo GraphQL
Recruiter, Sourcer, DEI Lead
“This course is extremely comprehensive, covering the full lifecycle of diversity recruiting from goal setting to influencing stakeholders to tactical hiring execution strategies. You will come away with actionable tactics and resources to bring back to your company that will definitely make a difference on your diversity recruiting strategy..”
Emily Baine
Talent Specialist
“This course is designed to help recruiters and recruiting managers tackle Diversity hiring. It provides great insight on how to strategize to create better inputs in order to be actionable towards creating diverse and inclusive outputs.”
Courtney Clavon
Senior Technical Recruiter
“It's a great course! They give you some awesome sources and tools to take back to your team so you can implement changes immediately.”
Beth Armstrong
Director, Recruitment
“If you want to go from intent and ideas to impact and action, take this course!!!  I feel so much more well equipped in setting an achievable vision for my team with the practical tools, frameworks and approaches presented in this course!”
Michael Kyle
VP, Global Talent Acquisition
"Extremely current, relevant and practical approaches to creating your first or improving your diversity strategy."
Caroline Fitz-Roy
Fitz-Roy & Associates

Ongoing Support

Every participant will have the instructors and your cohort as a resource to ensure you’re able to effectively apply what you learn. We also connect you with all previous Academy alumni to expand your network.

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