Resource and Capacity Planning for Recruiting

The importance of resource and capacity planning for your recruiting team cannot be overstated. Through experiential and conversational learning, participants will take a deep dive into headcount planning and capacity modeling and be given individualized tools and templates to jump start planning for their company.

This virtual and interactive course, designed for current and emerging Talent Leaders, is taught by seasoned recruiting leaders & experts with deep in house experience at rapid growth iconic companies.

The content in our academy courses is intended for in-house recruiting teams. If this is not you but you are still interested, please contact us before registering.  

 Course Overview

Designed over 2 weeks to maximize the ability to successfully implement your new approach to resource and capacity planning
Week 1
  • Tuesday, May 9
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Scenario planning template (90 minutes)
  • Thursday, May 11
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Stakeholders and crucial conversations guide (90 minutes)
 Course materials will be provided prior to our first session
    Week 2
    • Tuesday, May 16
      9:30am - 11:00am PST
      Interactive working session building capacity model using RecruitingPlan (90 minutes)
    • Thursday, May 18
      9:30am - 11:00am PST
      Q&A and close (90 minutes)
    Process Development
    • Discovering the common traps to avoid
    • Planning processes for your company
    Capacity Modeling
    • Benchmarking: internal and external
    • Setting the bar for the capacity needed
    • Developing a capacity model for your company using RecruitingPlan
    • Creating clarity and focus for the recruiting team

    Structured sessions to get the most out of each topic

    • Small Group Interactive Working Sessions
    • Takeaway Templates You Can Immediately Implement
    • Presentation and Scenario Walk-throughs

    What people are saying about the resource and capacity planning course

    “I found this course to be very valuable. The facilitators were humble and shared a lot of real life situations they had been in which helped connect our own challenges. I believe I am stronger operationally from taking this course and have a better sense of how to capacity plan and advocate for the growth of my team. I highly recommend this for any recruiting leader who is looking to up level themselves.”
    Amina Moinuddin
    Manager, Technical Recruiting
    “This course is guaranteed to take your recruiting resource planning to the next level. Implemented properly, it will take you to the top 1% of companies that do this best”
    Chris Shaw
    VP of Talent Acquisition
    “There are workshops and trainings out there that make you wish you had your time back... and then there is this. This workshop not only leveled up my skillset and knowledge in things I have been around for 10 years but provided tools that I will likely use the rest of my career. The ROI from this course is priceless. I just don't see how anyone walks away from this without more knowledge and confidence on these challenging topics.”
    Chase Johnson
    Sr. Manager, Talent Operations
    “This course gives you the framework recruiting leaders need to effectively plan for their teams, drive the process, and influence cross functional stakeholders in key planning processes.”
    Jenny Talwar
    ‍Director of Talent
    “You will walk away with knowledge you can apply and an incredible network of peers you can rely on to help navigate growth, change and capacity planning.”
    Veronique St-Germain
    Head of Talent
    “This is really a fantastic course that arms you with the tools needed for tackling some of the most crucial conversations being had around talent.”
    Mahea Schuman
    North Equity
    Director of Talent
    “Growth by Design Talent's Resource and Capacity Planning Course is invaluable for anyone tackling the complex (and often daunting) Headcount Planning Process. The course is well organized, and the team (Jill, Adam and Mike) do a wonderful job guiding you through their framework, tools and the numerous considerations we're faced with in the planning process. I feel much more prepared, confident, and empowered. Thank you GBD Talent!”
    Michael Blaney
    Principal Recruiter

    Ongoing Support

    Every participant will have the instructors and your cohort as a resource to ensure you’re able to effectively apply what you learn. We also connect you with all previous Academy alumni to expand your network.

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