Recruiting Playbooks

Your Guide to Evaluating and Selecting an ATS

In this guide, we’ve captured all of our learnings, process frameworks, and evaluation templates to help you make an informed decision. We’ve also shared tactics and pragmatic approaches we’ve used to drive discovery to gather requirements, decision making, stakeholder engagement, and team readiness for the change.

Templates included:
  • Discovery & System Assessment
  • Request for Proposal (RPF)
  • Vendor Selection Rubric & Scorecard
  • ATS Selection Sample Project Plan
  • Change Management Plan
$ 500.00 USD

What people are saying about GBD Playbooks

“As a seasoned Recruiting Ops leader, I've had plenty of experience with applicant tracking systems, from implementing new ones to configuring existing ones. This playbook does an outstanding job at offering practical solutions that are both insightful and actionable, something I would have loved to have during these moments of growth. What truly sets this playbook apart is its holistic approach. It doesn't just focus on the technical aspects of an ATS, but delves into the importance of aligning your system with the bigger picture needs, goals and processes of your team. Whether you're an experienced Recruiting leader looking to upgrade your current ATS or a newcomer trying to make sense of the complex landscape, this playbook is your roadmap to success.”

Samara Crasilneck
‍Director of Recruiting Operations
“This guide is the ultimate trail guide to selecting a new ATS. GBD has ventured ahead and cleared the path, posted directions and included important caution signs so you can focus on a quality journey that is unique to your needs and team. This guide easily saved me and my team 20 hours of work in building templates, researching RFP questions, and building project plans alone. That time is much better spent ensuring we are focusing on aligning the best ATS to our unique needs, values and business objectives.”
Stephanie Baysinger
Director of Recruiting Operations
“This guide is a must-have for any team considering a new ATS. As a recruiting leader who has implemented multiple systems, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, success looks different at every organization. This resource highlights the questions that every leader should be asking to align results with their unique philosophy, processes and business goals. What stands out the most is its useability. Each chapter is comprehensive and actionable, including templates to help teams execute quickly and confidently. The insights are rooted in years of experience and avoid pitfalls that many teams learn the hard way. I would recommend this guide to anyone looking to protect their time, money and peace of mind when selecting a new ATS.”
Kelsie Jordan
Talent Operations and Enablement
“Before starting the process of selecting a new recruiting system, I spend countless hours networking with other TA Ops leaders to get advice and discuss common mistakes. This playbook packages so many of these tangible learnings into a single resource, giving you a huge head start on a project that can be incredibly time & resource intensive. Using this guide will lead you to an informed decision that aligns to your company’s goals and sets your recruiting function up for long-term strategic impact within your organization.”

Danielle Belanger
Director, Talent Acquisition Operations