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We are passionate about building inclusive teams, sustainable recruiting cultures, operations for scale, and iconic employer brands.
Jill Macri
Jill Macri
Jill specializes in recruiting fundamentals that support growth in alignment with values and mission, and is passionate about supporting women in leadership roles. Previous to GBD Talent, she was the Director of Global Recruiting at Airbnb for over 5 years, growing the company from 150 to 4,500 people with a focus on building diverse teams and maintaining values. As a partner and founder at GBD Talent, Jill leads executive searches, trainings for hiring managers, workshops and strategic advisement.

Jill holds her B.A. of International Relations and Affairs. Jill worked in luxury active travel before she transitioned into recruiting, speaks four languages and has worked on six continents.
Adam Ward
Adam Ward
Adam connects people with opportunities, improving their personal and career prospects, with a keen awareness that there are right roles for the right people at the right time in companies. Adam has over 20 years of experience at high growth companies including Pinterest and Facebook where he served as the Global Head of Recruiting and Director of Recruiting, respectively, leading the companies through their IPO and major growth phases. Serving as a Founder and Partner at GBD Talent, Adam specializes in guiding Talent leaders as they navigate change as well as advising clients on how to effectively scale their business and sharpen their recruiting processes.

Adam holds his B.A. of Communication and Psychology. He is a proud #GirlDad, enjoys watching sports, coaching softball, and is self-proclaimed below average on the green.

Mike Joyner
Mike has broad scaling experience in leadership roles within IT, HR, Total Rewards, People Analytics, and Recruiting while also helping two companies IPO. His background includes recruiting and people operations leadership experience during pivotal growth stages at some of the world’s most recognizable technology companies -- Apple during global retail expansion, Facebook pre-IPO 1,500 employees to over 7,000, and Pinterest from Series D pre-revenue and 150 to over 2,000 employees. As a partner and founder at GBD Talent, Mike leads foundational projects, enhancing our clients operational and foundational processes, market mapping and intelligence for executive searches, and Academy operations.

Mike holds his B.S in Business Management with a concentration in IT and Marketing. He is the father of two rambunctious boys, an avid soccer player, coffee lover, and enjoys drawing in his sketchbook.
Jill Macri
Katie drives executive search recruiting and sourcing at GBD Talent. With roots in university recruiting, Katie has a strong programmatic skillset and specializes in her ability to creatively problem solve. From the introduction of the Jedi Academy program at Lucasfilm to the successful hiring of exceptional talent across Facebook, Pinterest, Carta and Plenty. Katie is excellent at communicating with candidates and finding alignment with their career goals and our clients’ opportunities.

Katie holds her B.S. of Kinesiology and a M. Ed. in Educational Counseling. She is the mother of two girls and enjoys going to the beaches of Central California, while also participating in a local book club.

Jill Macri
Dayna is responsible for GBD’s training programs, business development, and team engagement. Her desire to represent the GBD  brand as best-in-industry is highlighted through her communication style and organized systems. 

Dayna holds her B.A. in Psychology. She is happiest when she is spending time outside, either on her skis or mountain bike. When she is inside, you’ll find her in the kitchen nurturing her passion for cooking and enjoying meals with family and friends.
Jill Macri
Shanza Baig
Shanza is responsible for sourcing at GBD Talent. Originally on the path to work in food and agriculture, Shanza’s work as a recruiting coordinator and sourcer at Airbnb have sharpened her expertise in asking the right questions, remaining organized when working with candidates, and connecting with hiring managers to find the best fit. Her work with GBD Talent includes aiding in reimagining the top of the recruiting funnel with candidates from more diverse schools, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Shanza holds her B.S. of Food Science and Human Nutrition. She enjoys traveling, fermenting, and hiking, and spent a “year in a van” where she and her partner traveled the US and Canada.
Jill Macri
As a principal at GBD Talent, Janet focuses on strategic partnerships with clients. Her skillset grown at Airbnb and refined at GBD Talent has led her to successful engagements with companies including Alto Pharmacy, New York Times, and Opendoor. Janet’s work is fueled by partnering with leaders of companies who are in their early through mid stages and building processes to put them on a good trajectory as the company grows.

Janet holds her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sustainable Food Systems. She is an avid writer, loves to read, and is passionate about urban agriculture.

Jill Macri
April Chang
Technical Recruiter/Sourcer
April joins the GBD Talent team as a Technical Recruiter/Sourcer. Her path to recruiting began when working as a paralegal in the immigration sector, helping immigrants find work. The desire to help others with their career journeys has remained unchanged. 

April’s ability to build meaningful, trusted, and transparent partnerships has made her an ally to hiring managers and candidates.  She has a true knack for understanding what kind of talent hiring managers need, thereby lifting the recruiting burden from them. 

April holds her B.S in Marketing. She lives in Vancouver and enjoys fitness, dance, and yoga. With a desire to give back, April also spends her free time helping people that have been impacted by layoffs and sharing her baked goods with neighbors. 

Jill Macri
Jonathan Teklai
Talent Acquisition
Jon joins the GBD Talent Sourcing team, helping clients with process creation, talent mapping, and sourcing for purple unicorns. 

Knowing the value of emotional intelligence in recruiting, Jon uses this ability to recognize and understand hiring manager and candidate needs. His love for a true challenge and his ability to find the best solutions, makes him an integral part of the sourcing team. 

Jon holds a double major in Organizational Psychology and Communications. Recognizing his genetic obligation to play basketball (he’s 6’5!), you will often find him on the Brooklyn courts with friends. He also has an appreciation for the arts and spends his free time taking improv classes and going to live shows (pre-Covid). 
Jill Macri
Caroline joins the GBD Sourcing team with a true passion for building relationships and facilitating the right connections. Inspired by the power of networking, she was led to a career in Recruiting and joined the talent team at the world's largest professional network, Linkedin.

Caroline brings a creative approach to candidate outreach, enabling her to engage with top candidates from various industries.

Caroline holds her B.S in Marketing. Outside of work, she devotes her time to strength training, inspired by her love for fitness. She also loves cooking and studying Spanish, pursuing her aspiration to one day be fluent.

Jill Macri
Amanda Berton
Talent Sourcer
Amanda is a technical sourcer for the clients of GBD Talent bringing a strong skill set in organization, forethought and a deep understanding of technical backgrounds. 

One of Amanda’s many talents in sourcing is her ability to take a vague linkedin profile and match the candidate to the right role within the engineering organization. She is energized by the power that one simple outreach can have on a candidate’s career trajectory and a love for revealing new career opportunities to those that didn’t know they were looking for something new. 

Amanda holds her B.A. in Media Studies. She is on a quest to visit 30 countries by the age of 30, holding on to the hope that COVID will not set her back too much. When not traveling, Amanda spends her free time out with friends, exploring the neighborhoods and restaurants and going to concerts.

Jill Macri
Bern Coh
Senior Technical Recruiter
Bern began her recruiting journey by taking the initiative to build and scale the first university recruiting programs for tech giants like Twitter and Airbnb. She now partners with the clients of GBD Talent to find them the very best industry experienced engineers.

While Bern finds fulfillment in matching candidates to their dream job, her true love for the industry comes in the years after a candidate accepts. She loves witnessing candidates grow, mature, and become even more successful in their career than they could have anticipated (though she knew it all along).

Bern has her B.A in Women Studies. She, her husband, and two boys are born and bred San Franciscans, holding a true love for the city with a particular fondness for the food scene. For over a decade, she has been practicing the martial-art, brazilian jiu jitsu, mastering the discipline and focus required for this sport. When not on the mat, you’ll find Bern drawing or painting, nurturing her plants, and spending quality time with her family.

Jill Macri
Naomi joins the GBD talent team focusing on recruiting strategy and advising clients in their current processes and programs, through thoughtful design and innovation. 

Growing up in various parts of Africa, Naomi feels an unbounded commitment to leveling the playing field and helping underrepresented groups break into tech. Through her time cultivating relationships with students on campus on the University Recruiting team at Airbnb, to leading corporate and technical recruitment at Shift, she has always enjoyed giving underrepresented groups the tools to navigate their careers and ultimately the confidence to advocate for themselves.  

Naomi holds a BA in International Relations and Affairs. Outside of work, you’ll find her nurturing her love for poetry and storytelling. In non-Covid times, she loves to host open mics in her home, bringing her talented community of artists together to share their stories through spoken word.
Jill Macri
Lia Economos
Lia joins the GBD Talent Team as a Technical Recruiter helping the clients of GBD find their perfect candidate and the candidate their dream job.  

With a background in sourcing and recruiting from iconic tech companies like Linkedin and Airbnb, Lia has gained experience across every discipline of recruiting, finding her niche in technical roles. Her genuine curiosity for going beyond the surface level of a candidate’s resume, allows her to better understand a passive candidate's background, successfully engage with the candidate, and ultimately bring them from passive to active.  

Lia holds her B.S. in Society and Environment from UC Berkeley. Outside of work (and in a non-Covid world), you will find her traveling, spending time with her dog Rocko, and going to see live music.

Jill Macri
Stephanie leads Interviewer and Hiring Manager trainings and ATS implementation for the clients of Growth by Design Talent. She also drives the Recruiting for Recruiting Managers function at GBD bringing a wealth of experience from iconic tech companies like Microsoft to scaling startups like Zynga, Clever, Brightloom, and her own consulting company, Haystak Search. 

Her contagious energy and enthusiasm for a better candidate experience is highlighted through her coaching of interviewers and hiring managers in client trainings. She is also a true expert in Greenhouse implementation, driven by the desire to improve and better utilize company data throughout the hiring process.

Stephanie holds her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Berkeley. Outside of work, you will most likely find her relaxing at her home away from home (Healdsburg), fostering her love for cooking and baking, enjoying some high intensity cardio on her soul cycle bike, and playing with her adorable Bernadoodle, Milo. 
Jill Macri
Laura joins the GBD Talent team bringing a breadth of experience from her roles as Head of People and Recruiting at Lime and Clever, and as an early recruiting team member and leader at Uber.  

Laura is passionate about helping candidates unveil their value and coach them through the interview process to successfully showcase their unique set of experience and skills. She continues to invest in candidates, even after they are hired, to find the right development opportunities for their continued growth and success.  

Laura holds her B.Comm in international business from the University of Ottawa. In her free time, you’ll find her with her husband and two children at one of the local beaches in San Francisco or planning their next trip. She's also an aspiring doula and trains and studies as much as possible.
Jill Macri
Abigail is an advisor for the clients of Growth By Design Talent, helping to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Through her ability to observe and understand dynamic systems,  she is able to successfully discover the right solutions for teams. 

With a background in mentorship and advising in the education space, Abigail loves guiding people through their hiring process, connecting them to the right job, and enabling them to develop and ultimately flourish in their career. Through a lens on diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the hiring process, Abigail seeks to create more inclusive spaces, giving all candidates equal opportunities to jobs. 

Abigail holds her B.A. in Psychology and Masters in Education. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, serving her local community through her church, and picking up new hobbies (she is currently learning the guitar!).
Jill Macri
Krissi Robinson
Principal Recruiter
Krissi is an executive search partner for the clients of GBD Talent. Her recruiting career began as a Sourcer for Apple and evolved through her roles across both technical and non-technical recruiting functions at hyper growth companies like Pinterest and Airbnb.

By investing in comprehensive work from the very beginning, Krissi is a trusted thought partner for hiring managers and clients, successfully guiding them to long term sustainable solutions.

Her expertise as a Senior Recruiter has consistently been highlighted in the final stage of the hiring process, where she negotiates and ultimately closes coveted candidates.  

Krissi holds her BA in Psychology and Sociology. Outside of work, you’ll find her spending quality time with her family, exploring new camping and hiking destinations in their Westy Van. When not cruising around the PNW, Kriss is most likely experimenting with a new tie-dying project, one of her favorite hobbies!
Jill Macri
Kira leads diversity recruiting and sourcing at GBD Talent.

Kira is passionate about being creative in how she sources and placing candidates in companies with which they align. Within diversity, equity, and inclusion work, Kira is focused on changing the recruiting pipeline and giving all candidates equal opportunities to jobs in tech. Her ability to back her work with data, communicate with hiring managers, and understand their motives have made her an integral part of the team.

Kira holds her B.A of Peace and Conflict Studies with a music minor and an M.A in Counseling Psychology. She enjoys hiking, running, and exploring trails in her free time.

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