Executive Search
for People &  Product Leaders

Through our retained  search practice, we partner closely with our clients to identify People & Product leaders for their organization.

We specialize in People & Product leaders for companies ranging from early stage to late stage private companies. Our team has extensive and diverse experience both in-house and in search firms which provides our clients with the best of both worlds: the partnership and exceptional candidate experience of an in-house team coupled with the sense of urgency, broad network, and benchmarking insight that a search firm provides. Our unique approach focuses on robust role definition, stakeholder engagement, and a structured and standardized interview process that optimizes for diversity and candidate experience.

Our executive search process

We’ve developed an approach to search through our experiences of building in-house executive recruiting capabilities from the ground up. We understand that People & Product leaders are key to a company’s success and can be some of the most nuanced and nebulous roles to scope and fill. We invest time upfront to deeply understand profile needs, the environment the company is operating in, and the characteristics that will best complement the existing team. We believe that it’s better to be thoughtful and strategic upfront to calibrate than to waste a lot of the team’s time interviewing candidates in the hopes of finding someone by ‘knowing it when you see it’.

Placement highlights

We partner with tech's most innovative companies to find their next visionary leader.