Assessing for Culture & Values

Hiring for values or culture isn’t just important — in many companies we’ve worked with, we’ve seen it be the differentiator between success and failure

It’s recruiting’s job to implement a strategic and structured approach to assessing for company culture and values. Without this process, culture interviews can be a breeding ground for bias. With a structured approach, values based interviewing can result in a more predictive and inclusive hiring process, as well as a healthier company culture over time.

Note that this training is typically delivered to both the recruiting team and a group of interviewers.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to conjugate a core value into a set of concrete behaviors that can be assessed during an interview process
  • Understand the importance of hiring for values, where hiring for culture can go wrong and lead to bias, and how to mitigate that potential bias, both on an individual and company-wide level
  • Learn the best practices for behavioral interviewing, including the importance of structured, consistent follow up questions, and how to assess a candidate’s answers

Topics Covered

2-hour training
In the design process, we consider your specific business challenges.
  •  Interviewing effectively for values
    - Why it matters as our company scales
    - Aligning on common definition of each value, and associated behaviors
  • Mitigating Bias
    - How bias gets in the way of assessing for values
    - How to reduce and mitigate bias: Individually and collectively
  • Conducting the Interview, Pt I
    - Best practices for behavioral questions
    - Tunneling (asking good follow up questions)
    - Assessing answers
  • Conducting the Interview, Pt 2
    - Core Values interview demonstration/role play
    - Next steps for roll-out
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