Closing From Day One

Experienced recruiters understand that closing a candidate doesn’t just happen in the offer conversation. There is a strategic approach to closing that starts from your initial conversation with a candidate and is maintained throughout the hiring process.

In this course we will teach your team how to level up their closing strategy, how to deal with common challenges that growing companies face when closing hi-pri candidates, and give them a chance to practice different closing approaches.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn the three ingredients to a successful close and how to organically weave them in throughout the hiring process for a higher close rate
  • Understand the difference between explaining equity and pitching equity (hint: both are important), and how to leverage the hiring manager and hiring team as allies throughout the close
  • Gain practice on designing a closing approach for different types of candidates, and how to overcome common challenges when working with candidates in a competitive hiring environment

Topics Covered

2-hour training
In the design process, we consider your specific business challenges and identify any skill gaps within your team.
  • Roles and responsibilities of closing
    - The role of the Recruiter versus Hiring Manager
  • A closing framework
    - The three ingredients of a successful close
    - Your closing toolbox
  • Practicing the close
    - Explaining equity versus pitching equity
    - Setting up your offer call
    - Practicing the close: candidate archetypes
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