Our trainings are facilitated 100% virtually and will equip participants with the fundamental skills for interviewing and assessing the best talent, to support the growth of your product and culture.

We draw on our leadership experiences in-house at hyper-growth companies including Airbnb, Pinterest and Facebook, as well as our consulting work with dozens of scaling startups, to deliver a best-in-class training.

 Hiring Manager & Interviewer Training

Customized for your company, hiring manager and interviewer skill building exercises,
resources and tactics you can implement immediately.
Hiring Manager Training
  • 2 hours
    Designed for up to 50 participants

    - The unique role of the hiring manager and how to be effective within rapid growth

    - The hiring manager's role in upholding structured interviewing

    - Running an effective and intentional hiring process: interview panel designs, pre-briefs and debriefs
Interviewer Training
  • 2 hours
    Designed for up to 75 participants

    - Delivering a great candidate experience

    - Mitigating bias throughout the hiring process

    - Structured and effective interviewing: prepping, conducting, and debriefing

Founder Training

We believer hiring isn't about magic or luck, it's a skill.
We partner with VC firms to deliver Founder training sessions to Founders in your portfolio companies.
    Founder Training
    • 2 hours
      Designed for up to 50 participants

      - How to be an effective assessor of talent
      - Understanding candidate motivation and the elements of a successful close
      - The fundamentals for successful candidate engagement and discovery

    Customized trainings for a structured and successful recruiting process

    • Customization: with your input, we determine areas of emphasis and use your internal company language
    • Provision of the training recording and a training workbook with resources and additional skill-building exercises for continued learning

    What clients are saying about our training sessions

    “ As a scaling organization, we were having trouble establishing effective structured interviews and ensuring a great candidate experience. Within days, we noticed a difference in employees who attended the Interview Training sessions led by GBD. We are seeing more thoughtful questions about process, higher quality written feedback, and greater accountability when process isn’t followed.

    Employees have realized the value of structured interviews, mitigating bias, and have given feedback saying how eye-opening the experience was for them. Hiring managers have become champions of the process with recruiting as support, as opposed to the other way around. ”
    Catherine Saarinen
    Head of People
    “The balance between content presentation and real-world scenarios (Mux related hiring processes) in break out rooms made this more real. I had one manager who came from a larger company say 'this is the most in depth HM and interviewing training I've ever had'"
    Becca Axvig
    Head of People
    “Whether your team is new to hiring or has been scaling teams for years, this training sets the foundation for long term success. It brings everyone up to speed on Interviewing and Hiring best practices, gets everyone on the same page, and empowers the hiring managers and interviewers to use hiring and interviewing as a way to impact the business!"
    Emily Albrecht
    Rebellion Defense
    Head of Recruiting