Designing & Leading A High Performing Talent Team

Designing and leading a high performance talent team is no simple task, but through experiential and conversational learning, participants will better understand their leadership style, set a mission and vision for their team, and learn tactics to successfully lead through both high growth and challenging times.

This virtual and interactive course, designed for current and emerging Talent Leaders, is taught by seasoned recruiting leaders & experts with deep in house experience at rapid growth iconic companies.

 Course Overview

Designed over 2 weeks to maximize your ability to successfully implement new leadership strategies for your team
Week 1
  • Tuesday, December 1
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Talent leadership Assessment, small group interactive working session (90 minutes)
  • Thursday, December 3
    9:30am - 11:00am PST
    Setting a mission and vision for your team, motivating and inspiring your team (90 minutes)
 Course materials will be provided prior to our first session
      Week 2
      • Tuesday, December 8
        9:30am - 11:30am PST
        Benchmarking, career frameworks, fireside chat (2 hours)
      • Thursday, December 10
        9:30am - 10:30am PST
        Leading through adversity, Q&A and close (1 hour)
      Leadership Assessment
      • Defining your leadership style
      • Understanding leadership blind spots
      Setting a Mission and Vision
      • Defining objectives for your team
      • Designing the future of your team
      Intention to Action
      • Creating personal leadership goals
      • Learning tactics for leading through challenging times

      Structured session to get the most out of each topic

      • Small Group Interactive Working Sessions
      • Resource Guide And Tactics You Can Immediately Implement
      • Presentation and Scenario Walk-throughs

      Ongoing Support

      Every participant will have the instructors and your cohort as a resource to ensure you’re able to effectively apply what you learn. We also connect you with all previous Academy alumni to expand your network.

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      What people are saying about Academy

      “I was able to immediately apply my learnings from Growth by Design's Recruiting Leadership Academy to our rapidly scaling team at Brex.”
      Joel Baroody
      Head of Recruiting
      “Worth it! It's an intimate group with incredibly insightful learnings!”
      Devon Siegel
      VP of People
      “I know it's hard to take a full day off but do it! There are truly no other trainings meant for this group of people. It was so refreshing to be around people speaking the same "language" as me who are in my shoes just in a different building.”
      Siobhan Miller
      Technical Recruiting Manager
      “It's easy to get wrapped up in the urgency and the "go go go" of the day-to-day as a recruiting leader, and to forget that we get paid to be strategic! Thus, there is so much value in taking a day away to think, reflect with peers, and brainstorm ideas on how to up-level our functions. I feel like I invested in my future self today.”
      Marta Pinilla Aguilar
      Head of Recruiting
      “Excellent crash course into the framework needed to scale a robust recruiting org. Helps you understand what the unknown-unknowns are and gives you the tools to build your own customized recruiting machine.”
      Arthur Chang
      Sr. Director of Expansion and Recruiting
      “The Recruiting Leadership Academy gave me a ton of fresh ideas and a new toolkit to bring back to my teams.”
      Julie Smith
      Greylock Partners
      “Having likeminded individuals in the same room who are all facing the same challenges was invaluable. Definitely a day well spent.”
      Matt Stephenson
      Head of Engineering, Design, and University Recruiting
      “Talent Acquisition thought leaders/practitioners sharing models, methods and strategies for success that can be immediately implemented.”
      Ken Baker
      Director of Talent Acquisition
      “The Recruiting Leadership Academy gave me a ton of fresh ideas and a new toolkit to bring back to my teams.”
      Annika Sohlström
      Technical Recruiter
      “The best $1,500 I could have ever spent on my professional growth.”
      Stacy Ferranti
      Newfront Insurance
      Head of Talent
      “I really enjoyed attending the Recruiting Leadership Academy. The facilitators were experienced, insightful and engaging. The content was broad but all very applicable and I found at least a buffet or two from each chapter that I plan to go back and share with the wider team.”
      Maria Gerson
      Recruiting Coordination Manager
      “Do this if you want to think big!”
      Kevin Minchella
      Peloton Interactive
      Recruiting Operations Manager

      Companies that have attended

      Our growing alumni community represents a broad group of companies at various stages of growth.