Leadership Search Trends

At GBD, we are particularly encouraged to see the demand for leadership searches pick up. We are grateful to be working with a number of innovative companies who are growing their teams and seeking dynamic People, Talent, and Product Leaders. From these searches, we’ve noticed a few trends

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How to Keep Teams Positive & Focused During Difficult Times

Ways to help teams stay positive and focused on outcomes during difficult times

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How to Maintain Energy & Effectively Close Out the Year

You may be experiencing an even lower charge than normal given the changes and uncertainty this year has brought. And yet, there’s another push in front of you to close the year strong. We want to share some ways we have found to both spark energy, and plan for an effective close to the year.

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How to Support Your Team During Layoffs

There are a lot of resources out there on how to perform a layoff with intention and empathy, but not many focused on how to support and lead the team that remains. Here are our suggestions:

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Leading Through Challenging Times

. Sure — leading recruiting teams is always challenging, but in uncertain times like the present, how you lead through ambiguity and headwinds will be where you grow most as a leader.

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GBD Benchmarking: Recruiting Leader Compensation

While compensation shouldn’t be the sole factor when evaluating opportunities, we understand that it’s an important consideration when making such a big life decision. We ran a compensation benchmarking survey focused on recruiting leaders at high growth companies.

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