How Investing in Creating Career Ladders Can Make 2024 Successful

Happy New Year! As we think about what’s ahead in 2024, we’re reminded that hiring is a product of business performance and business performance is a product of market conditions and financial health. 

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GBD's Top Four Search Principles

Like many of you over the past year, we at Growth by Design had to be nimble and adjust to the changing market, particularly, our search practice. Almost overnight, the number of open Talent Acquisition leadership roles dropped dramatically, while our People leadership roles picked up. And while the particular competencies, experiences, and characteristics of these roles vary from TA leadership roles, we’ve noticed that no matter what the role, there are four guiding principles for running a successful search.

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Why Quality of Hire Matters More Than Ever

With hiring slowing across tech, many recruiting leaders are working through the “recruiting tech debt” companies have accrued over the previous period of high growth. Particularly, we are seeing a number of our client companies focus on quality of hire. With companies needing to do more with fewer resources, companies and recruiting teams want to ensure that they are hiring the right people for each role.

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How to be a Trusted Advisor as a Talent Leader

Through our executive people searches, we are are seeing one critical characteristic for talent leaders: a leader who is seen as a trusted advisor to the leadership team.

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Leadership Search Trends

At GBD, we are particularly encouraged to see the demand for leadership searches pick up. We are grateful to be working with a number of innovative companies who are growing their teams and seeking dynamic People, Talent, and Product Leaders. From these searches, we’ve noticed a few trends

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How to Keep Teams Positive & Focused During Difficult Times

Ways to help teams stay positive and focused on outcomes during difficult times

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