Top of Mind Insights from Recruiting Leaders Going into Q4

Over the last month, we’ve spent a lot of time with recruiting leaders at events like RecFest, with our client companies, and in 1:1 conversations. Here is what we are hearing as top of mind going into Q4 and planning for next year.

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Revamping Talent Evaluation: Building Consistency in Hiring Decisions

With a general slowing of hiring across the industry, recruiting leaders and teams are re-evaluating their hiring processes from top to bottom. One area we see getting a lot of attention is the consistency of hiring decisions. Bar raisers, hiring committees and similar types of programs have been around seemingly since the early days of Silicon Valley. With the emergence of more tools and systems to better collect candidate assessment and performance data, the opportunity is there to modernize these programs. 

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Introducing GBD Advisory Services

So much of what we’ve built at GBD reflects needs that we had when we were running recruiting in-house, and that’s especially true with our Advisory services.

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Structured Hiring

What we believe should be the north star that guides any interview process from beginning to end.

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Career Hiring Report

We partnered with Jumpstart to gain a clearer picture of what early career hiring will look like due to Covid-19's impact.

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5 Ways Recruiting Teams are Adjusting to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is forcing us to innovate new ways of working together and move toward a style of recruiting that we never would have otherwise embarked upon.

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