Influencing With Data

Being a data-driven leader means more than gathering raw data, crafting bullet points, and putting a chart in a presentation deck. As a recruiting leader, time is often of the essence and you need to use data to influence action – that means sorting through the noise and communicating easy, digestible takeaways to guide your company’s leadership team to take action. 

With this live, virtual training, you’ll learn data fundamentals and gain the tools to design reports and presentations that translate your knowledge into exec-level insights, while being easy to digest, actionable, and engaging. Case studies and examples in the training will center around different scenarios in recruiting, making it simple for you to apply directly to your work.

The training is designed for current and emerging Talent Leaders, and is led by seasoned recruiting leaders with deep in-house experience at rapid-growth, iconic companies. 

The content in our academy courses is intended for in-house recruiting teams. If this is not you but you are still interested, please contact us before registering.

 Course Overview

Designed over one week to maximize your ability to successfully implement new strategies for your company
Day 1
  • Tuesday, June 4, 2024
    1:30pm - 3:30pm PST
    -Uncovering your organization’s data needs through the right questions
    -Approach to understanding the context of the data you’re working with
    -How to work with messy data in Google Sheets
    -Different methods for exploring and analyzing data
 Course materials will be provided prior to the first session
    Day 2
    • Thursday, June 6, 2024
      1:30pm - 3:30pm PST
      -Different methods for summarizing and displaying data, and when to use various chart types
      -How to best visualize data, relying on key theories from cognitive science and design
      -How to present data effectively using a storytelling framework
      -The best approaches for presenting data to an executive audience to drive action

    Structured sessions to get the most out of each topic

    • Live, instructor-led demos on effectively working with data
    • Interactive working sessions to tackle real recruiting case studies
    • Practical tools you can use immediately 

    Ongoing Support

    Every participant will have the instructors and your cohort as a resource to ensure you’re able to effectively apply what you learn. We also connect you with all previous Academy alumni to expand your network.

    What people are saying about Influencing With Data

    "In just a few hours, the GBD Talent team walked through actionable tips and tricks that will help position our team and function as thoughtful business partners."
    Margaret Briseño
    Head of People Ops
    "Hands down, they should take the course.  It was informative, engaging, and I gained so many resources to help me in my day to day."
    Teanca Shepherd
    Recruiting Manager
    “You are guaranteed to learn something new in the first 5 minutes! I highly recommend this course and will be applying many new tips in my day to day work.”
    Laura Ayala
    Medidata Solutions
    Head of Recruiting Operations
    "This course gave me the confidence to report our recruiting data in a clear and succinct way, without needing to spend hours pulling it together."
    Olivia Lees
    Recruiting Operations Manager
    "I would highly recommend this course to any recruiting professional wanting to learn new and more efficient ways of manipulating their data, and then presenting it in an influential way. Anybody at any level can truly learn something!."
    Lily Foster
    Recruiting Operations Data Analyst
    "As I've grown as a Recruiting leader, I have been looking for resources to up-level my analytical skills, and this course presented that exact opportunity in a way that made the most sense for the business cases I work with...This class provided me with the tools to automate my analysis, understand the data, and present to the business. Would highly, highly recommend."
    Melissa Martin
    Recruiting Lead

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