Influencing With Data

What does it mean to influence with data and drive operational excellence?

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Headcount Planning

This time of year is often the most challenging — you’re trying to stay on track to hit your hiring goals while in parallel trying to look ahead to anticipate and plan next year’s hiring plan. Here are our tips on how to juggle these parallel realities as a recruiting leader:

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5 Things to Prioritize During a Market Downturn

We can’t predict how markets and the economy will change in the future. But, we do know that downturns are ALWAYS followed by expansion and growth. 2021 was an extreme example of how quickly things can change. Here are five things to prioritize during a market downturn

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Recruiting Operations Focus for 2022

Common themes for what Recruiting Operations teams are focusing on in 2022

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Recruiting Tools Insights

Results reflecting benchmarks collected in November, 2021.

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IPO Readiness Guide

We’ve heard from recruiting leaders in our community that have struggled with what to do when their company announces that it’s going public. Whether you’re anticipating this reality soon or it’s still a hope at some point in the future, we thought it would be helpful to share tips from our experiences of navigating this challenging time.

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