Jill Macri


Jill specializes in recruiting fundamentals that support growth in alignment with values and mission, and is passionate about supporting women in leadership roles. Previous to GBD Talent, she was the Director of Global Recruiting at Airbnb for over 5 years, growing the company from 150 to 4,500 people with a focus on building diverse teams and maintaining values. As a partner and founder at GBD Talent, Jill leads executive searches, trainings for hiring managers, workshops and strategic advisement.

Blog Posts

How to Maintain Energy & Effectively Close Out the Year

You may be experiencing an even lower charge than normal given the changes and uncertainty this year has brought. And yet, there’s another push in front of you to close the year strong. We want to share some ways we have found to both spark energy, and plan for an effective close to the year.

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Introducing GBD Advisory Services

So much of what we’ve built at GBD reflects needs that we had when we were running recruiting in-house, and that’s especially true with our Advisory services.

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Structured Hiring

What we believe should be the north star that guides any interview process from beginning to end.

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Restructuring Your Time to Optimize for Productivity

Harnessing your time effectively is potentially the most powerful thing you can do.

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Building Your Talent Team

Creative solutions in order to hire the talent you need

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Recruiting Leadership in Uncertain Times

Adam and Jill are interviewed by URx Founder, Wahab Owolabi, to discuss the importance of recruiting leadership in uncertain times.

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Hiring lull? 4 ways to deploy extra recruiting capacity and keep your team engaged

Drawing from our past experiences with our teams at Airbnb, Pinterest, Facebook, and Apple, we put together this list to help fully deploy your capacity and keep your team engaged during a hiring lull.

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The Next Peak

What comes after a dream job? Launching Growth by Design Talent

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