Adam Ward


Adam connects people with opportunities, improving their personal and career prospects, with a keen awareness that there are right roles for the right people at the right time in companies. Adam has over 20 years of experience at high growth companies including Pinterest and Facebook where he served as the Global Head of Recruiting and Director of Recruiting, respectively, leading the companies through their IPO and major growth phases. Serving as a Founder and Partner at GBD Talent, Adam specializes in guiding Talent leaders as they navigate change as well as advising clients on how to effectively scale their business and sharpen their recruiting processes.

Blog Posts

Top of Mind Insights from Recruiting Leaders Going into Q4

Over the last month, we’ve spent a lot of time with recruiting leaders at events like RecFest, with our client companies, and in 1:1 conversations. Here is what we are hearing as top of mind going into Q4 and planning for next year.

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Revamping Talent Evaluation: Building Consistency in Hiring Decisions

With a general slowing of hiring across the industry, recruiting leaders and teams are re-evaluating their hiring processes from top to bottom. One area we see getting a lot of attention is the consistency of hiring decisions. Bar raisers, hiring committees and similar types of programs have been around seemingly since the early days of Silicon Valley. With the emergence of more tools and systems to better collect candidate assessment and performance data, the opportunity is there to modernize these programs. 

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How to be a Trusted Advisor as a Talent Leader

Through our executive people searches, we are are seeing one critical characteristic for talent leaders: a leader who is seen as a trusted advisor to the leadership team.

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How to Keep Teams Positive & Focused During Difficult Times

Ways to help teams stay positive and focused on outcomes during difficult times

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How to Support Your Team During Layoffs

There are a lot of resources out there on how to perform a layoff with intention and empathy, but not many focused on how to support and lead the team that remains. Here are our suggestions:

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Leading Through Challenging Times

. Sure — leading recruiting teams is always challenging, but in uncertain times like the present, how you lead through ambiguity and headwinds will be where you grow most as a leader.

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Hiring Sprints With Limited Resources

How to support yourself and your team when sprinting to hit your final headcount and diversity goals of the year while having limited recruiting resources, and a hiring window that is shrinking each day.

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What Talent leaders get wrong about their own job search processes…and what to do instead

Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard from a number of people who are less than six months into working at a new company and think they may have made the wrong decision. Surprisingly, the majority of these were Talent/Recruiting leaders. This seems counterintuitive—you would think we would be better at evaluating new opportunities as subject matter experts in all things hiring! Let’s talk about why this happens, and what you can do about it.

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Career Hiring Report

We partnered with Jumpstart to gain a clearer picture of what early career hiring will look like due to Covid-19's impact.

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Talk Talent To Me

Adam Ward explains how to distill core competencies from company values and assess for them in a dedicated cultural interview, as well as the common problems he’s helping Heads of Talent address.

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How to Make Hiring Decisions in a Remote Interviewing World

Almost overnight, the interview experience has changed. How do you hire a candidate you’ve never met in person?

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Introducing Growth by Design Talent

We started Growth by Design Talent because we wanted to help as many growth stage companies and emerging talent leaders as we could

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