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Hiring Sprints With Limited Resources

Adam Ward

Most teams are sprinting to hit their final headcount and diversity goals of the year while having limited recruiting resources, and a hiring window that is shrinking each day.

Here are three ways to support yourself and your team during this time:

  1. Over communicate to the business on progress towards goals, your confidence level in hitting them and where you need support to bend the curve. It is better to signal early than before it is too late in a short hiring quarter. Great partnership often comes from framing tradeoffs to hiring teams.
  1. Be intentional with your calendar and set aside blocks of time for planning, so you are not constantly context shifting between near and long term thinking.  Getting yourself set up right for next year is key and you need time and space to do it well.  That may mean clearing your calendar for a day.
  1. In terms of org design of your recruiting team for next year, ask a lot of questions and practice actively listening to shifts that are happening to the business, so you can align your team accordingly. If it is moving under Eng or Sales and Marketing under a single leader or there's a new market you are going after, it is easier to align your team in the same window vs reactively in 2022.

If you are feeling like you are lacking the tools and tactics to help your teams during particularly challenging moments, such as now, we’ve created a course for Recruiting Leaders to help you with this.

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