Recruiting Team Trainings

Through our customized, in-house trainings, we build the core skills that high performing teams need. In the design process, we consider your specific business challenges and identify any skill gaps within your team.

These sessions can be adapted to suit various groups, whether it's a mix of individual contributors in different roles, a specialized function like Technical Recruiters, or a senior team of Recruiting Managers.

Recruiting Team Trainings

Our training format encourages active participation through a combination of informative content, small group discussions, and interactive activities. 

Partnering with the Business (90 min - 2 hr)
Moving from tactical contributor to trusted advisor

Power Sourcing (2 hr)
Key sourcing skills for recruiters who are short on time

Closing from Day One (2 hr)
Pitching and closing candidates at any level

    Assessing for Culture and Values (2 hr)
    Bringing rigor to your company’s values interviews

    Influencing with Data (4 hr)
    Data fluency for recruiting teams

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